Training Materials

Throughout its partner institutions, CLARIAH-VL helps organise a series of training events such as workshops, summer schools, and lectures. To support the free exchange of knowledge, CLARIAH-VL encourages its members and presenters to make any teaching or training events available to the broader public by publishing them under open licenses, and sharing them with the community (whenever they are legally allowed to do this). Since the development, teaching, and dissemination of such materials falls under the purview of WP2 (Community Engagement, User Involvement, and Training), this page aggregates such training materials, as well as documentation for CLARIAH-VL services and related tools, resources, and methods. Additionally, training materials can be found on DARIAH-Campus, #dariahTeach and PARTHENOS Training.


The following list links to detailed documentation for official CLARIAH-VL services, as well as other tools or resources developed with the help of CLARIAH-VL.

  • Madoc. Co-developed with CLARIAH-VL funding by Digirati, Madoc is an Omeka S based platform for the display, enrichment, and curation of IIIF-based digital objects. It forms the basis of the IIIF Corpus Management Platform, an official CLARIAH-VL Service.
  • digitalexhibit. A Content Management System for developing digital exhibitions in a Prezi-like environment. The application was designed for highlighting so-called Genetic Paths (these are: chronological narratives) in literary writing processes in view of making the research of Genetic Criticism more accessible to a wider audience.
  • varianTeX. A LaTeX template designed for editors of journals in the Humanities who are looking for an easy way to structure a complex collection of multi-authored articles in LaTeX. DOI:
  • varianTeX for Authors. A slimmed down version of varianTeX template, specifically tailored to authors who wish to submit a contribution to journals that use varianTeX. DOI:



The UAntwerp’s platform{DH} has made the slides fo a series individual classes in Digital Humanities courses available on its Training Materials page. These include lessons on:

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