Service Infrastructure Components

Current CLARIAH-VL tools & services (2021-2024)

Previous CLARIAH-VL tools & services (2019-2020)

  • The Trismegistos Data Services are developed in the Linked Open Data framework of CLARIAH-VL. On the portal you can find an overview of public APIs with an endpoint to query information from TM Texts, Places and People. All the data are published under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license.
  • Manuscript Desk is a virtual research environment in which students and interested researchers are able to upload any digital facsimile of a manuscript and transcribe it according to the standards of the Text Encoding Initiative, with only a short introduction into the syntax rules of markup languages. The tool can also be used to compare different versions of a text and make an automatic collation, resulting in an apparatus that highlights the variants. The source code of this software has been made available on GitHub.
  • Manuscript Web is a VRE developed as an open eXist-db application for publishing documents and their transcriptions in the form of a digital scholarly edition, allowing textual scholars to expose links and relations between a literary or historical work’s different versions. The source code of this application has been made available on GitHub.
  • Nodegoat is an open source web-based data management, network analysis & visualization environment. The platform allows researchers to build datasets individually or together with others and offers various possibilities to analyze and visualize the data. With the support of CLARIAH-VL, the publication of research data as linked open data has been made possible.
  • IIIF Corpus Management Platform
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