The aim of the ‘enrich’ activity within CLARIAH-VL is to build user driven platforms for the enrichment of data.

The outcome of the ‘enrich’ activity will allow you to:

  • Assemble, import and enhance digital collections 
  • Annotate digital objects 
  • Run and manage crowdsourcing projects
  • Showcase and export the enriched digital collection. 
  • Use AI to assist with the transcription of digital sources
  • Automatically segment text documents

This activity consists of the development of three user-driven platforms:

  1. A participatory digital asset enrichment platform based on IIIF technology
    • Madoc is an Omeka S based Open Source platform for the display, enrichment, and curation of IIIF-based digital objects. The platform runs on open source services and technology, bound together to provide a single management interface for IIIF collections.
  2. An AI-Driven participatory asset enrichment
  3. Manuscript Web 3.0

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