The goal of the Contextualise activity within CLARIAH-VL is to build a user-friendly Linked Open Humanities Data Tool Suite that helps humanities researchers model, contextualise, publish and inter-link their humanities research data. This is important given that identifying and recording entities (e.g. people, places, dates etc.) and their relations (e.g. events) from a range of historical sources is a key activity of researchers in a broad range of humanities disciplines records that in the digital age have increasingly been linked to a proliferation of open humanities reference services.

The Linked Open Humanities Data Tool Suite consists of two main components:

1. Entity Referencing Toolkit

The Entity Referencing Toolkit will help humanities researchers contextualise, model and extract nameable entities from texts.


  • Basic platform and data model 
  • Basic data interpretation and reporting (User & Data Management System) 
  • Data export & import tool ( design, implementation APIs, assessment) 
  • Final platform (evaluation, testing and documentation) 
Contextualise steps in CLARIAH-VL

2. LOD Creation and Publication Toolkit 

This toolkit will provide a user-friendly, easily accessible web platform to encourage researchers to publish their valuable data, and enable contextualization in the process. 


  • Design of methodology of research-driven thematic datasets
  • Aggregation of data from large-scale data collections
  • Organisation of three workshops or humanities datathons
  • Event 1: workshop to assess research needs
  • Event 2: humanities datathon theme: extraction
  • Event 3: humanities datathon: theme analysis
  • Workflow Documentation


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