The aim of the aggregate activity within CLARIAH-VL is to facilitate the creation of datasets and corpora for use in digital humanities research.

This activity focuses on: collaboration with cultural heritage institutions (e.g. libraries, archives and museums) in Flanders, Belgium and beyond to facilitate access to their digitised and born-digital ‘collections as data’ for digital humanities research and b) work with our CLARIN colleagues to understand how to facilitate corpus building for linguistically-based research.

These aggregation activities will be undertaken in three phases:

Phase 1: Outreach: to reach out to cultural heritage institutions (e.g. libraries, archives and museums) in Flanders and in Belgium to identify relevant digitised and born-digital collections which could be provided as digital humanities datasets through CLARIAH-VL. The main focus will be on the data that can be used with CLARIAH-VL tools and services.

Phase 2: Extraction: to extract, aggregate, and preprocess data from a selected number of collections identified in Phase 1 to create digital humanities datasets, automating this process as much as possible

Phase 3: Publish: to publish the data available as FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) datasets.

Aggregation steps in CLARIAH-VL


  • Design of methodology of research-driven thematic datasets
  • Aggregation of data from large-scale data collections
  • Organisation of three workshops or humanities datathons
  • Event 1: workshop to assess research needs
  • Event 2: humanities datathon theme: extraction
  • Event 3: humanities datathon: theme analysis
  • Workflow Documentation


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