Below you can find an overview of all activities CLARIAH-VL (researchers) organise or participate in:

Workshop on Language Technologies for Historical and Ancient Languages (LT4HALA)

25 May 202409h00-18h00 – Torino, Italy (and online)

This one-day workshop seeks to bring together scholars, who are developing and/or are using Language Technologies (LTs) for historically attested languages, so to foster cross-fertilization between the Computational Linguistics community and the areas in the Humanities dealing with historical linguistic data, e.g. historians, philologists, linguists, archaeologists and literary scholars.

Despite the current availability of large collections of digitized texts written in historical languages, such interdisciplinary collaboration is still hampered by the limited availability of annotated linguistic resources for most of the historical languages. Creating such resources is a challenge and an obligation for LTs, both to support historical linguistic research with the most updated technologies and to preserve those precious linguistic data that survived from past times.

More info: Workshop on Language Technologies for Historical and Ancient Languages (LT4HALA) | Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities (

 DH Virtual Discussion Group for Early Career Researchers in Belgium

27 May 202413h30-16h00 at Hoek 38 in Brussels (Room Gogotte).

The third session of the 2024 Spring Edition of the DH Virtual Discussion Group will take place on May 27.

Speakers: various from our DH community

The DH Virtual Discussion Group for Early Career Researchers in Belgium is for anyone with an interest in Digital Humanities. The primary target audience is Belgian-based early career researchers, including motivated BA students, MA students, PhD researchers, and postdocs, but we welcome people at all stages of their careers. We also welcome people who work in the GLAM sector. The discussion groups serves as a way for the Belgian DH community to come together, learn about new or on-going research, to stay in touch with our colleagues, to get inspired, and to welcome new researchers into our network. You do not need to have any knowledge of DH to join. 

More info:  DH Virtual Discussion Group for Early Career Researchers in Belgium: May | Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities (

Data-driven Approaches to Ancient Languages (DAAL)

27 May 202409h00-18h00

Location: Mercator A104 (Abdisstraat 1, 9000 Ghent, Belgium)

Premodern or historically attested languages are invaluable resources of both the study of diachronic linguistics and their contemporary culture. Although these languages might be from various language families or have a different script, researchers face common challenges, among which illegible or lost text (parts), inexistent gold standards and, very important these days, scarcity of data. Luckily, more and more texts become available, but the language of those texts might be so different from their modern pendant — should that modern pendant exist — that it considerably impacts the performance of existing tools. This workshop aims to provide a platform to a broad field of researchers engaged in digital approaches to pre-modern languages.

More info: Data-driven Approaches to Ancient Languages (DAAL) – Paratexts in Premodern Writing Cultures (

DH Benelux 2024 Pre-conference workshop

4 June 2024

In this in-person workshop at the DHBenelux Conference CLARIAH-VL partners, a FWO infrastructure project, will give hands-on demonstrations on a number of tools developed in the CLARIAH-VL is the Flemish contribution to the European research infrastructures DARIAH and CLARIN. The infrastructure brings together 22 research teams representing a range of disciplines from the universities of Ghent, Antwerp, Leuven and Brussels and the Dutch Language Institute. CLARIAH-VL supports the highly diverse and multilingual composition of digital humanities data inherent in European long term history, culture, environment and society. We work to achieve this through facilitating and (semi-)automating as many aspects of the workflows of humanities researchers as possible, to allow researchers to take full advantage of the most recent advances in the fields of machine learning, linked data and semantic technologies especially with regard to digital text and image analysis.

The workshop will take place on Tuesday 4 June in the Monseigneur Sencie Institute (MSI) building. More information about the program and registration (until May 13th) can be found on the DH Benelux 2024 website! and here.

DH Benelux 2024 conference

4-7 June 2024

The 11th edition of the DH Benelux Conference will take place in Belgium at the Irish College in Leuven!

This year’s theme is Breaking Silos, Connecting Data: Advancing Integration and Collaboration in Digital Humanities.

The annual DH Benelux Conference serves as a platform for the community of interdisciplinary Digital Humanities researchers to meet, present and discuss their latest research findings and to demonstrate tools and projects.

The Call for Papers is open until 31 January 2024 and can be read on the DH Benelux 2024 website!


15-17 October 2024, Barcelona

The CLARIN Annual Conference is the main annual event for those working on the construction and operation of CLARIN across Europe, as well as for representatives of the communities of use in the humanities and social sciences.

CLARIN2024 is organised for the wider humanities and social sciences communities in order to exchange ideas and experiences within the CLARIN infrastructure. This includes the design, construction and operation of the CLARIN infrastructure, the data, tools and services that it contains or for which there is a need, its actual use by researchers and teachers, its relation to other infrastructures and projects, and the CLARIN Knowledge Infrastructure.

CLARIN welcomes authors of accepted papers, members of national consortia and representatives of CLARIN centres, representatives from partner organisations, and many others who are interested in becoming part of the CLARIN community.

See call for extended abstracts.

The 2024 CLARIN Annual Conference will take place as a hybrid event. Virtual attendance will be open to the wider public. Registration is not yet open.

More info: CLARIN Annual Conference 2024 | CLARIN ERIC

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