Exciting news! CLARIN-BE has joined the CLARIN European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) for the Social Sciences and Humanities focusing on Language Resources and Technology. Within CLARIN ERIC, CLARIN-BE will focus on the inclusion of tools and resources which are not yet present in the CLARIN infrastructure.


More specific, CLARIN-BE will increase knowledge on:

  • Digital Text Analysis Dashboard and Pipeline
  • Benchmarking of NLP tools for natural language understanding
  • Integration of NLP tools in Digital Text Analysis Dashboard and Pipeline (DTADP)
  • Tools for linguistic preprocessing for Dutch, English, French and German
  • Tools providing automatic annotation for tokenization, lemmatization, part-of-speech tagging, syntax parsing, chunking and named entity recognition.
  • Tools for natural language understanding (sentiment analysis, emotion detection, document similarity clustering, topic modelling, stylometry)
  • Tools for parallel data (sentence and word alignment)

The CLARIN-BE consortium will fulfill its role by organizing user involvement sessions at Belgian humanities faculties, CLARIN courses at Summer Schools, or a more specific CLARIN training event. Furthermore, sessions about using CLARIN infrastructure will be included in several university courses.

CLARIN-BE also ambitions to work in close cooperation with CLARIAH-NL and will continue its contribution to K-Dutch, the CLARIN Knowledge Centre hosted by the IVDNT (Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal).

Tom Gheldof

Tom Gheldof is the day-to-day coordinator for DARIAH-BE/CLARIAH-VL at KU Leuven's Faculty of Arts...

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